Short Stories n.1 : What if One Day…..

Diamo il via oggi a una nuova sezione del sito dedicata agli studenti ed ai loro articoli. Iniziamo dalla rubrica “Short Stories“, una raccolta di storie ed articoli scritti in inglese dai nostri studenti.

il primo racconto è di Naomi Palkogiannis della VA turismo:

What if One Day…..

”Wake up” she says. But he doesn’t move and doesn’t seem to breathe. Now he is a making strange, deep breathing sound, a typical sound that a normal sleepy person usually makes, especially if you spend the night awake trying to get some rest and finding comfort. It didn’t work that night, because he suffered from insomnia.
Liv, is like him, but she could face the day even with two hours of sleep.
The room is empty of sound, but you can hear a sort of chirping very far away from there.
That morning she went out to go to university, she had a lecture in Economy and Statistics and she thought that it would’ve been a good idea to follow the lesson. She didn’t take the bus, nor Brandon’s car, because it was close to their apartment, more or less. They always decide to walk to the faculty when there is a difficult lesson or they simply have an inexplicable desire to do so. Meanwhile they speak about political issues or just what they could do in the evening or on Saturday. They like going to the pubs and it doesn’t matter if they are alone or with their longtime friends, they a protein concentrate and alcohol while listening to good music.
But now the only question she is asking herself, but also the entire world, is, what’s happening? Brandon is finally moving, actually now he is sitting on the couch in that small living-room, the couch with a Led Zeppelin flag over it, and with his eyes still closed, he is wondering why he is so nervous. Then she says ”I don’t know if you understand what is going on but there is no one around, anymore”. Brandon doesn’t seem to listen to her. He is lighting a cigarette, and to top it all off is now handling a glass with some bourbon in it, even though his stomach is practically empty and the drink is probably yesterday’s. But now she’s getting angry, then she takes the glass roughly from his hand and starts to yell. ”Do you understand what I am saying? There is no one left, only us!”.
”Stop yelling at me, don’t you see that I’m still sleeping? What are you saying?” he barks back.
He goes to the window, and opens it. But he seems paralysed, because there is something strange in the air, and something really has happened. He turns around and looks her in the eyes ”Damn, even the kebab shop on the corner is empty” and Liv looks at him quietly, then she says ”Didn’t you see that the streets are empty? This morning I went out and they were all empty but even the university seemed abandoned. Where the hell is everyone? They can’t have simply disappeared into the void.”
”This is very strange…” Brandon seems thoughtless. And Liv is worried.
”What are we going to do now?”
On the corner of his mouth a smile is shaping.
”Let’s go have fun”.